Reverse Osmosis

How We Purify Our Water

Benefits of Purified Water

Usage of Purified Water

Self-Serve Advantages

Health Concerns

Minerals and Water

Weight Loss and
Purified Water

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Water Station
Products - Residential
Water Refills

5 Gallon / 18.9 Litres = $3.25
3 Gallon / 11.5 Litres = $2.10
2 Gallon / 7.57 Litres = $1.90
10 Litres                       = $1.45
1 Gallon / 3.78 Litres = $0.75
1/2 Gallon / 1.89L       = $0.38

We have a Loyalty  Points Program in placed. For every 10 bottles filled, at a regular price, customers get one FREE refill.

Bottles are sterilized and caps are replaced for free everytime you fill.

Our valuable
Water Plans will help you save even more. It is designed to accomodate your budget and the size of your households.

Water Refills & Water Plans

Water Coolers
Porcelain & Plastic Dispensers (Room Temperature)
Mini Refrigerator - For your car, home and office
Dispenser Wooden & Plastic Stands
Water Pumps & Cup Holders
Pet Bowls

For your Home
Reverse Osmosis Residential Units
Water Softener
Carbon Filter
UltraViolet Lights
Water Filters