Reverse Osmosis

How We Purify Our Water

Benefits of Purified Water

Usage of Purified Water

Self-Serve Advantages

Health Concerns

Minerals and Water

Weight Loss and
Purified Water

How to..



Terms of Use

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Water Station
Our daily special - for every 10 bottles you filled - you'll get one fill FREE

Prepaid Water Plan - wholesale prices to accomodate every budget.

# of Litres                # of 18.9L Refills                 Price               Unit Price       Savings
1152.9                                  61                                $150.00                 2.46                $48.25
699.3                                    37                                $100.00                  2.70                $20.25
548.1                                     29                               $  80.00                   2.75                $14.25    
321.3                                     17                               $  48.00                   2.82                $   7.25
Savings based on a retail price of $3.25 per 18.9L refill.  
1. Water Plan is a prepaid program.   
2. The number of litres of purified water purchased will be posted    
             on your account.   
3. There is no expiration on your account.   
4.  Your available water can be pick up from inside the store, or after hours    
               water vending system, using our touch screen service.   
5. Your account balance will be given before and after refill
Oct 1- Dec 31 2004  Special