Reverse Osmosis

How We Purify Our Water

Benefits of Purified Water

Usage of Purified Water

Self-Serve Advantages

Health Concerns

Minerals and Water

Weight Loss and
Purified Water

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Water...Miracle of Life
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Water Station
It's inexpensive - refilling saves up to 70% less than bottled water from local supermarkets and bottled delivery services.

It's fresh - purified daily, unlike bottled water which can spend anywhere from 30-90 days in a warehouse or store shelf.

It tastes great - state of the art purification system removes chlorine and other chemicals that can cause water to taste or smell bad.

It's the highest quality - maintained by qualified technicians to stringent protocol, including filter changes, sanitizing and water testing to ensure safe water.

It helps the environment - by refilling bottles, we don't add to the 600 million plastic bottles that end up in North America's landfill sites every year.
Self-serve Advantages