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How We Purify Our Water

Benefits of Purified Water

Usage of Purified Water

Self-Serve Advantages

Health Concerns

Minerals and Water

Weight Loss and
Purified Water

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Water Station
Products - Residential

Water Refills & Water Plans

Water Coolers
Porcelain & Plastic Dispensers (Room Temperature)
Mini Refrigerator - For your car, home and office
Dispenser Wooden & Plastic Stands
Water Pumps & Cup Holders
Pet Bowls

For your Home
Reverse Osmosis Residential Units
Water Softener
Carbon Filter
UltraViolet Lights
Water Filters
Fits all standard 3&5 Gallon bottles.
It dispenses room temperature water. This crock dispenser is dishwasher safe and it comes with protection ring.

Floor or counter Stands are sold separately.

Other model is the miniature crock dispenser, comes with its own wooden stand, 2L bottle and a mug.
Plastic dispensers - sit perfectly on your kitchen counter, reception area or on top of file cabinets. It fits 3&5 Gallon bottles. Perfect for outdoors.
Porcelain Crocks, Counter & Floor Wooden Stands, Plastic Dispensers & Lid
$36.99 + taxes
(Floor Stand)
$11.99 + taxes
Crock Lid
$39.99 + taxes
(Crock Dispenser)
$11.99 + taxes
Counter Stand
$29.99 + taxes
Plastic Dispenser
$35.99 + taxes
Mini Dispenser)