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Water Station
What is a water store?

Water store is a “mini water plant” that provides needed pure, high quality  drinking water for the community.

It is a full service retail outlet that also offers water related products and  provides service and quality drinking water, at a price much less than delivered bottled water or bottled water that they purchase in the grocery or convenience stores.

What makes the water store so fascinating and potentially rewarding is it's strategic position in the overall water market. Bottled water sales are reaching the point where one in 12 American's drink some type of bottled water.

Benefits of Retail Water Store

For business owners:

· High Margin -  average of 80% profit fill after fill
· An added category to draw new customers
· Self-Serve operation means less expensive employees
· Loyalty - Self-eerve forms habits as customers return regularly for their refills

For consumers:

· Value -  self serve fill up and saving money
· Selection - different bottle sizes
· Quality - Great Taste, made fresh daily 
· Convenience -  24 hours availability of high quality drinking water

Distinctiveness of Successful Retail Water Store

· Independently Owned/Operated
· Planned Location
· Multiple Profit Centers = Multiple Locations
· Non-Perishable Products
· 24 Hour Operation
· Repeat Business
· Branded Products
· Structured for Growth
· Strategic Business Planning - what your competitor doesn't have