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Self-service kiosks generate more income per-square-foot than most manually operated stores. Imagine a machine potentially generating you thousands of dollars per month - It's happening - an entire market for self-production purified water vending machines. 

With our kiosk technology in placed, it will allow your customers to  easily add to their loyalty points program, to redeem free water, to pick up water from their prepaid accounts, to buy or renew water prepaid plans using credit cards, and much more.

The kiosks are being used to reward customer loyalty while collecting vital data on purchasing habits and the kiosks decrease the need for additional labor and allow customers to conveniently refill their own water bottles.

Our kiosk technology can also be used to interactively display loyalty points balances, to redeem points, to recommend possible redemption purchases, to pick up water using their prepaid accounts and to buy or renew prepaid water plans.The total solution has the potential to make you thousands of dollars in monthly income.

A solution that can market itself!