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Water Station
Loyalty points and Prepaid Water Plans plays a major role in a Retail Water Store.

Although it's optional - this is something you might want to consider for added value and convenience for your customes.
Kiosk and Your Customers
With the Kiosk Solutions in placed, business owners can offer a 24x7, self-serve, water-refill service, promoting loyalty points and prepaid plans. Your customers will be takn care of, even if you're closed.

What is Loyalty Points?
Loyalty points can be a terrific builder of customer retention. Customer loyalty is critical. Most retail water store owners cannot track and identify their best customers.  Store owners can differentiate from their competitors just by finding ways to identify and reward these customers.

A 5% increase in customer retention improves profits anywhere between 25 percent to 95 percent. This is because customer turnover is enormously expensive. The cost of acquiring new customers is very high. This cost can only be offset over time by maintaining profitable, high-margin relationships. Additionally, customer retention usually means satisfied customers and they can tend to refer new business by word-of-mouth.

What is a Prepaid Water Plan?
Prepaid water plan is not any different than any other prepaid goods and services offered by any industry. The program allows your customer to buy a specified number of litres up front, at a lower price.

Prepaid plans have its advantages.  Cash upfront can mean making your months rent at the first of the month just from prepaid water plans. Another advantage is customer retention.