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How to open a water store?

Before you proceed, please be advised that you will need approximately 550 customers to cover your monthly operating expenses and an additional 250 customers if you are repaying a business loan.

Realistically, a retail water store will need time to build customer base. Depending on your location, you might have to be prepared to support the operation from your own pocket anywhere from six to eighteen months, at the very least.

1) First,  you need to choose a location and go through the leasing process. As in most business ventures remember, location, location, and location. It is very important  to your success. If you are looking at "new shopping plaza" - the lease negotiation might take from 3-6 months from the time of your request. Also consider that with "new shopping plaza", the leasehold improvements expenses will be higher than normal.

2) When you sign your lease,  check your phone book and visit an  existing Water Stores. Talk to different owners about the business. This will give you an idea if you seriously want to own a water store. At this time, you may  consider many different designs for your store. Water Station will help you with a floor plan and give you step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to get your store ready.

3) You will need a mechanical drawings for your leasehold improvements. Make sure you find someone who can provide you with the drawings, Water Station will only provide you with a store layout - which the mechanical drawings will be based on.  Most landlords need to approve the mechanical drawings, check with your landlord before proceeding.

There are times when the business owner negotiates free rent and it is important that you take advantage of this period and get your doors opened as soon as possible. There are leasehold improvements that need to be done such as electrical, plumbing for water lines and floor sinks along with an equipment room, finished ceilings, flooring and walls. We will give you step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done.

4) While you are waiting for your lease to finalize, check with your city's building department what kind of building permits do you need. This will speed up the process since building permit issuance normally takes 3-4 weeks. Please be advised that outside store signage also requires a building permit and requires a separate application to the city. Your landlord will need to approve the signage before you can apply for a city permit.

5) Once your building permit is issued,  this is the time to order your equipments. 50% of the payments are normally due upon placing the order and the remaining 50% upon installation. We believe that you can probably have your store opened in four to six weeks from the time you start your leasehold constructions.

6) Once you are ready for the equipment, we will do the installation and start up process for you.

7) Water testing may be required by your local health officials.

8) Posters to hang around the store are also important. This is a part of your marketing materials.

9) We can discuss marketing and sales promotion while you are waiting for the construction and installation to be completed.

10) Inventory should be ordered 2 weeks before your opening date. It is important to do it early just in case the supplier does not have them on stock.

11) Outside store signage must be installed before opening your store.

12) Congratulations!! You are now open for business.