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Colour, Taste and Turbidity
Other problems that can affect the quality of your water, especially on private wells involve substances that change the taste and colour of the water. These may include suspended particles, tannins, colloidal iron, manganese etc

Iron and Sulphur Removal
Pockets of iron and sulphur and found in the rock strata around the greater Toronto area and may be dissolved or suspended in well water.  supplies the most advanced filters for the removal of these metals, which cause red, brown, or black staining, discoloured water, or unpleasant odours
Purification/Chlorine Removal
Purification means the removal of harmful or unpleasant contaminants from the water, and may involve a wide variety of products depending on the problem. One of the most common problems is trace chemical contamination of municipal water supplies. Practically all Southern Ontario ground water and water from the Great Lakes contains small amounts of PCB's, THM's and Dioxins, whose long-term health effects are largely unknown.

Chlorine is used to sterilize water mains and prevent harmful bacteria from reaching your home. Once the water does get to your home, you no longer need chlorine. A recent Health and Welfare Canada study showed that long-term exposure to chlorinated water can cause health problems. This same study recommended that chlorine be removed at point of entry into the home, if possible.