Reverse Osmosis

How We Purify Our Water

Benefits of Purified Water

Usage of Purified Water

Self-Serve Advantages

Health Concerns

Minerals and Water

Weight Loss and
Purified Water

How to..



Terms of Use

Water...Miracle of Life
Your source for high quality drinking water
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Water Station
Essential to Good health
Tastes so good you'll enjoy your 6-8 glasses of water per day. With over 99% of contaminants found in tap water removed, you won't have to worry about their long-term health effects.

Delicious Drinking Water

Pure and healthy water that tastes great!The most economical beverage available.

Better Beverages
Coffee has richer flavour and less bitter taste while using 20% ground.Tea is brighter in colour and does not leave an annoying film in your cup.

Clear Ice Cubes
Expect clear, hard ice cubes that melt slowly, tastes better and leave no sediment in your glass.

Better Cooking
Enhances the tastes of foods!
Brings out the natural flavours of vegetables, soups and pasta.

Protects Appliances from Damaging Scale
No scale build up in your teakettle, coffee maker, humidifier or steam iron.
Enjoy the Benefits of Water Station's Purified Water